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Tracing My
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My Pollard Credentials
Picture From The
John Benninghoff Family Reunion
Greenville, PA, 1927

  • GGrandfather: Isaac Haven Pollard, b 12 Apr 1873, Newburg, Izard County, Ark. (s/o Isaac G. Pollard, b 21 Apr 1848, Newton County, MO, and Sarah Ester Yoes, b 18 Dec 1846, Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas)
  • GGrandmother: Catherine Benninghoff Howe Pollard (Granddaughter of John Benninghoff, Oil City, PA)
  • Grandmother: Evalyn Pollard Lesher.

  • Mother: Shirley Evalyn Lesher Duffie, GGrandaughter of Isaac G. Pollard & Sara Ester Yoes Pollard.
  • GAunt: Audra Irene Pollard Phillips, Grandaughter of Isaac G. Pollard & Sara Ester Yoes Pollard.
  • Aunt: Elizabeth Lesher Jenny, GGrandaughter of Isaac G. Pollard & Sara Ester Yoes Pollard.
  • The John Benninghoff Family Reunion
    Greenville, PA, 1927

    Our branch of the Pollards married into the family of John Benninghoff when Isaac Haven Pollard married Catherine Benninghoff Howe. The attendees at the "Benninghoff" family reunion were all the direct descendants of John Benninghoff, one of the first oil barons from Oil City, PA, in the 1860s..

    John Benninghoff ultimately died in Greenville, PA, hence the family reuinion there in 1927. Our GGrandmother Catherine Howe Pollard, was the granddaughter of John Benninghoff.

    Web Site at: Benninghoff Reunion, 1927

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    Current Status: 23 Mar 2007

    Summary From Decade 1820: on the 1850/60 Census Mary Gilstrap Pollard named her children according to a formula that was used back then:

    Moses Pollard, VA, 1820: we don't know what the "G" stands for, but it is consistent throughout our Pollard line: Joseph G.....Moses G.....Isaac G. In this instance, it is possible that Joseph G. Pollard, f/o Isaac G. Pollard, would have named his first son "Moses G" after his father.

    Since Isaac G. Pollard stated in the 1900 census that his father was from Virginia, I am currently searching for "Moses G. Pollard", Montgomery County, VA, 1820 census".


    After years of research, two primary questions remain unanswered:

    In addition to the above mentioned Sara Ester Yoes, who died shortly after Isaac Haven Pollard was born, we have the following:

    There are several problems with that statement that he was survived by "Louisa Freeman":

    Why would the newspaper obituary, written at the time of his death, list Louisa Freeman as his wife? It's a mystery!

    Perhaps a bigger question, why would Audra Irene Pollard Phillips on 10Mar2007 state that Isaac's wife was Louisa Freeman? She even used Louisa's maiden name...not Pollard. She was born about 1915 and would have been 11 when Isaac died.

    In favor of the possibility of such a marriage is the statement in the information I received from Rick stating that: "Isaac G. asked to get out of the Methodist Conference just before the divorce was final. He married Elizabeth A. Dillahay in 1883 in Little Rock ARK, and left."

    Perhaps he did marry Louisa in 1882...but divorced her by 1883 to marry Elizabeth, as stated above, by 1883. He then fled to Pennsylvania.....

    All of that begs the question: who was "Mary L. Pollard"?

    Note: 2nd wife Mary L. (Hays) Pollard & Isaac Haven Pollard son from first marriage to Sarah Esther Yoes

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    More evidence that "Eliza" is Elizabeth Dillahay Pollard, not Louisa Freeman is the fact that this census states that Eliza was born in Arkansas. The 1870 census (see 1870) states that Louisa was born in Kentucky. Interestingly, this census also states that Elizabeth's father was born in Kentucky.

    Isaac G. Pollard
    122 State Street
    Hammond, Lake County, Indiana
    1920 Census

    NOTE: in this census, Isaac G. Pollard states that his father was born in Virginia...no further information given.

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    This is a major surprise. I never knew that Grandmother Pollard Lesher lived in Indiana as a child. Born in Pennsylvania, but lived in Hammond, Lake County, Indiana, in 1910, less than five miles from our home in Gary, IN, in the late 1950s.

    Isaac H. Pollard
    214 Wilcox Ave.
    Hammond, IN.
    1910 Census

    NOTE: Isaac listed his occupation as "news"(?), the second word being blotched. I suspect news writer or reporter.

    10/Mar/2007: It was confirmed by phone today w/Irene Pollard Phillips that Isaac H. Pollard, her father, was a reporter with the newspaper at this time.

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    1900 Federal Census Butler Borough, Butler Co, PA.

    Phone, 10/Mar/2007: Irene Pollard Phillips, Granddaughter of Isaac G. & Sara Ester Yoes Pollard, confirmed that Sarah Ester Yoes died when Irene's father, Isaac Haven Pollard, was two years old.

    On this census Isaac G. Pollard lists his occupation as "clergyman".

    The "Eliza" listed in the 1900 Census is Elizabeth Dillahay Pollard, the 16 year old mullatto that Isaac G. Pollard married in 1883. The first child born to Isaac G. & Eliza was Lillian, born in 1883. (See Elizabeth)

    Is That Elizabeth or Louisa
    Listed As "Eliza" In The
    1900 & 1920 Census?
    Do The Math!

    Phone 10/Mar/2007 w/Audra Irene Pollard Phillips, Granddaughter of Isaac G. Pollard: she does not remember Elizabeth Dillahay Pollard. She remembers Louisa Freeman w/Isaac G. Pollard in the early 1900s.

    Since the census we show listing Louisa Freeman was 1870, Little Rock, Pulaski County, AR, and we know that Isaac G. Pollard was associated the Philander Smith College in Little Rock at the time, it stands to reason that this is the right "Louisa Freeman".

    It is also interesting that Irene Pollard Phillips did not refer to her as Louisa Pollard...but, rather, as Louisa Freeman, further indication that they were not married.

    Note: In 1908 Isaac G. Pollard enquired of the status of Herod P. Johnsonís Pension Status from Butler Co, PA. This is included in Herod Johnsonís Pension Papers from his service during Civil War.

    North Hope Methodist Church Episcopal Church; 1890 I.G. Pollard is listed as Minister (short Term) Karns City Burrough Chapter 47; The Methodist Episcopal Church, I.G. Pollard listed as Minister

    Rick's full reports to me are at:

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    Veteran's name: Isaac G Pollard
    Home in 1890: Fairview, Butler, Pennsylvania
    Year enlisted: 1863
    Year discharged: 1865
    Rank: Corporal

    This explains how Isaac H. got to Pennsylvania to meet and marry Catherine "Kitty" Benninghoff Howe.

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    Carrie Pollard, 1880

    It appears from the 1880 Little Rock, AR, census that Isaac G & Mary Gilstrap's daughter Carrie had a son in 1872. His name, William A. Pollard, by an unknown husband. In several census in the 1880s we find, "Carrie Pollard, widow of J."....never with a surname. Repeatedly she is listed as living with her son, William A. Pollard.

    Robert & Elizabeth Howe, 1880 Census

    Among other interesting items, he (Rick) learned that our Isaac G. Pollard:

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    Louisa Freeman, 1870

    The Grandmother That Audra Irene Pollard Phillips Remembers. Aunt Irene did remember that Louisa was black....supported by this census note. She remembers Louisa teasing Isaac G. Pollard about being white. She was 28 in 1870,

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    Isaac G. at age 12 at his mother's home for her census:

    1860 Federal Census Jasper Twp, Crawford Co, ARK.
    Post Office Van Buren ARK

    4/5/07: We figured out that the "Jesse C. Pollard" listed s/b Jesse C. Johnson. There is a great deal of mystery surrounding the fact that the widow Mary Gilstrap Pollard married Herod Peter Johnson sometime shortly after Joseph Pollard died. Yet she continued to use the "Pollard" surname, and, in fact, in 1865 claimed she was still a widow when she applied for Moses G. Pollard's Civil War Pension.

    Notice, also, Isaac's sister "Lockey", named, no doubt, after their grandmother, Lockey Davis Gilstrap.

    Hugh G. or Joseph G.

    Letter: 3/17/07

    Some of the following information regarding Isaac G. Pollard came from "Rick", a descendant of Mary Gilstrap Pollard Johnson. He uncovered this information as he was researching his side of the "Gilstrap" family which resulted from Mary Gilstrap Pollard's second marriage.

    On a genealogy web page there is a debate over whether Isaac G. Pollard's father was "Hugh G. Pollard" or "Joseph G. Pollard". One report I read stated emphatically that it was Joseph G. Pollard, and that he went under the nickname of "Hugh". This report from Rick seems to verify that it was Joseph G. Pollard.

    (2) Moses G. Pollard
    b. ?-?-1845
    Macon Co, MO.
    d. 16-oct-1862
    Springfield, Green Co, MO.
    Buried: Springfield National Cemetery
    Springfield, Green Co, MO. (died of Typhoid Fever Civil War)

    Note: Source Pension Papers and Civil War Record, State of Arkansas, County of Washington

    On this 13th day of June A.D. 1864 personally came before the George W.M. Reid, Clerk of the Circuit Court within and for the County and State, aforesaid, Mary Pollard a resident of Washington Co in the State of Arkansas aged 41 years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefits of the provisions made by the Act of Congress approved July 14th 1862: That she is the widow of Joseph G. Pollard and mother of Moses G. Pollard who was a Private in Company A commanded by Captain Joshua Dudley in the 1st Regiment of Ark Vol Cav in the war of 1861 who died at Springfield in the State of Missouri on the 18th day of October 1862 from the effects of Typhoid Fever received in the service of the United States.

    She further declares that her said son, upon whom she was wholly or in part dependent for support, having left no widow or minor child under sixteen years of age surviving, declarant makes this application for a pension under the above mentioned act, and refers to the evidence filed herewith, and that in the proper department to establish her claim.

    Her name was Mary Gilstrap. She also declares that she was married to the said Joseph G. Pollard, deceased, on the 17th day of June A.D., 1843, at Putnam County in the state of Missouri by William Cook, a Justice of the Peace; that there is no public or private record of said marriage, that she cannot procure the evidence of said witnesses, but herewith forwards the best evidence of said marriage which she is now able to procure.

    She also declares that she has not in any way been engaged in, or aided or abetted the rebellion in the United States; that she is not in the receipt of a pension under the 2d Section of the Act, nor has she again married since the death of her son, the said Moses G. Pollard and that her post office address is Fayetteville, Washington Co Arkansas.

    Mary her X Pollard.

    Also personally appeared R.A.W. Mannon and Wesley H. Gilstrap, residents of the County of Washington and the State of Arkansas, persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit, and who being by me duly sworn say that they were present and saw Mary Pollard sign her mark to the foregoing declaration; and they further swear that they have every reason to believe, from the appearance of the applicant and their acquaintance with her, that she is the identical person she represents herself to be, and that they have no interest in the prosecution of this claim.

    They further declare, that they have known Mary Pollard the aforementioned applicant, and Joseph G. Pollard, the deceased who was her husband, for the period of 25 years and know that they lived together and cohabitated as man and wife for the period of ten years, and up to the time of death of Joseph G. Pollard, and that they were so reputed in the neighborhood by all that knew them, and so believed by these affiants, and the fact was never called in question to their knowledge by anyone who knew them; and that the said Moses G. Pollard died leaving no widow or minor child under sixteen years of age; and that Mary Pollard the aforementioned applicant has remained a widow ever since the death of her son, the said Moses G. Pollard, upon whom she depended on wholly.


    Signature of Witnesses
    M.G. Ferguson
    Robert A.W. Mannon (his X mark)
    Wesley H. Gilstrap (Signature)

    Sworn to and subscribed before me this 13th day of June A.D. 1864, I hereby certify that I have no interest, direct or indirect in the prosecution of this claim.

    G.W.M. Reid Clerk

    Note: First family of Mary Gilstrap Pollard Johnson

    Note: See Moses G. Pollard Pension Papers. Emma Johnson Noble indicates that Mary died 1881, shortly after Christmas 1880.

    Note: See Obit for Uriah Jacob Jennings, Rev J.G. Pollard officiating. Mary Gilstrapís husband? Or is this misprint, and Maryís son I.G. Pollard, half bros to Jesse C. Johnson.

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    Primarily Surnames CATES, RUTHERFORD, PHILLIPS in the 1850 CENSUS OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, AR [Annotated by Eddene Thompson]

    Cane Creek Township
    House #51
    1850 CENSUS RESULTS FOR GILSTRAPS IN ARKANSAS JOHNSON CO, AR Pg # Dw # Fa # Names Age Sex B'place 166 168 168 John Gilstrap 31 M NC Adalica 21 F AR Lorenza D 3 M " Urias 3m M " WASHINGTON CO, AR Cove Crk Twp Pg # Dw # Fa # Names Age Sex B'place 51 Isaac Gillstrap 51 M NC Lockey 48 F " Benjamin 16 M " Thomas 14 M " Nancy 12 F " Wesley 7 M " Mary Pollard 28 F " Lockey Pollard 6 F " Moses Pollard 5 M " Mary Pollard 4 F " Isaac Pollard 3 M " Cordella Pollard 6m F "

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    (Rick) One other thing: if you notice on the 1850/60 Census Mary named her children according to a formula that was used back then. I hope I have this correct but I believe this is right:

    Moses Pollard, VA, 1820: we don't know what the "G" stands for, but it is consistent throughout our Pollard line: Joseph G.....Moses G.....Isaac G. In this instance, it is possible that Joseph G. Pollard, f/o Isaac G. Pollard, would have named his first son "Moses G" after his father. Since Isaac G. Pollard stated on at least one census that his father was born in Virginia, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the following "Moses G. Pollard, VA" was the f/o our "Joseph G. Pollard". Unfortunately the "Age" column is smudged, so we can't determine his age in 1820.

    The previous page of that census lists "Chattam" Pollard, same address.....

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    Will of Joseph Pollard, dated 2 Aug 1789 Amelia County, Virginia WIll Book 4, page 162

    Includes Moses & Isaac Pollard

    Genealogy of the Hardiman-Pike Families: large lising of Virginia Pollards.

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