February, 1967

Submitted by: Ray Borowsk

Right: Sgt. Phil Prince, first CAC Papa 2/4 Platoon Sgt; Left: Sgt. Minor, (India 3/3. He apparently stopped by to join our CAC graduation party.)

Left: Sgt. Phil Prince; Right: Sgt. Minor. All others are unknown at this time. (The one in the center appears to have Sgt. chevrons, and he may have been a Platoon Sgt for one of the other CAC Papa units.)

Front Left: LCpl. Ray Borowski, Papa 2/4; 2nd. Left: Sgt. Minor; 3rd. Left: Sgt. Phil Prince, Papa 2/4; 4th. Left: Pfc. Keith Caywood, Papa 2/4; Front Right: Papa 2/4 Corpsman; All others unknown at this time.

Tim "CAPVet" Duffie, taken in Dong Ha, March, 1967

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