Gary Fish-2 1968

Sierra 3

Submitted by: Gary Fish

The bunker, sand bag trench and tarp/mosquito net (hooch) was looking down behind from our main bunker.
The photograph with the well closest to the edge of the picture on the left shows a PF/RD bunker looking out across the river to the west. If you look closely you can see a destroyed railroad bridge that crosses the river. We used to walk accross the girders to get to the other side. This river system fed into the Thu Bon River to the South.
The photograph with the well (only fresh potable water) to the right shows the following:
  • a bunker with a radio antenna. This was our command post (CP)
  • the wood structure was the showers
  • destroyed RR Bridge
  • Thu Bon River being fed by tributary river
  • trees in the background. Across the Thu Bon River is the island from which we were constantly harassed.
  • VC Village Hamlet #3
  • Hoi An (Village #2)
  • pontoon bridge
  • Thu Bon River
Jet making bombing run near tree line outside camp. The airforce was running airstrikes for us to the SW. The island was a VC/NVA haven. The VC/NVA would talk to us every night over load speakers, play music and read our names off. Telling us they would kill us all!
The fighter pilot was one of the only officers who ever came to visit us. He came to meet with us, get to know us to see if there was anything extra he could do for us. He was a major, don't remember his name...but it ment alot to us. He was one of the few who really cared about our welfare!

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