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The following graphics are of LCpl. Miguel Keith, CAP 1-3-2. LCpl. Keith was awarded the "Medal of Honor" for actions while with his CAP Unit.

LCpl. Miguel Keith

Forever Nineteen: a story many of us could write.

The CAP Reunion in 1985 was held in Washington, D.C., and it included a trip to the Wall to participate in the annual Veteran's Day Ceremony:

Go To: Combat Communications: written by Tim "CAPVet" Duffie

Marine Times article, May, 2000, about the CAP Program. The graphic is from the opening page of the CAP Web Site. It is Tim "CAPVet" Duffie, Web Site Editor, in the Lai Phuoc Hamlet, Trieu Ai Village, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam, 1967, with one of his friends, "Little Hue".

From "Marines In The 60s", published by the GPO, an article titled, "Civic Action Programs". Written during the formative years of the CAC/CAP program, this article depicts various USMC Units working in the villages. These were all scanned from rather bad copies....but they are still worth seeing. Pictures include

An article about CAP in a New Jersy newspaper, submitted by Jack Cunningham, CAP 2-2-2, 2-9-2: Herald Net

As US Marines Leave Vietnam: A Close Up Of One War Zone, US News & World Report, April 20, 1970: Submitted by: Roch Thornton, CAP 2-7-2, 1970-71

Fireteam Phrase Book, Page 1
Fireteam Phrase Book, Page 2
Fireteam Phrase Book, Page 3
Fireteam Phrase Book, Page 4

CAP School Certificate: submitted by Dick Clark

CAPs In Vietnam: submitted by Col. Ole Jessen Klixbull, former CAP Commander and now a Colonel in the US Army Reserves
Gen. Walt Remembers CAP: Scott Kruse tells of his chance meeting with Gen. Lew Walt in 1974

Masters Thesis: written by Phillip J. Ridderhof
Masters Thesis: written by Robert A. Klyman, University of Michigan

CAP School, Da Nang
CAC Pocket Badge: Pocket badge worn by the early "CAC" units. Submitted by Tim "CAPVet" Duffie
"My Rifle": the Creed Of The United States Marines, submitted by Ray Borowski, CAC Papa 2/4, 1967
100 Dong Note: submitted by Ray Borowski, CAC Papa 2/4, 1967

CAP Glossary: Submitted by Roch Thornton

Shaking Hands: A reminder passed out to CAC/CAP Veterans reminding them that protocol in Vietnam was to shake hands with both hands.
Booby Trap Flyer: Charles Wesley Moorehead sent this copy of the "Booby Trap" flyer passed out to the Vietnamese villagers. It offered a reward for bringing information about VC booby traps to the CAP Units

CAP Presidential Unit Citation (Navy)
CAP Navy Unit Commendation

May, 1969, Situation Reports, May, 1969: submitted by Marc A. Hancock. These reports are indexed by Province, and they include 24 hours (date uncertain) for all four CAGs.

5 Dong Note: submitted by Gary Fish
50 Dong Note submitted by George Beckerman
100 Dong Note: Thanks To Roch Thornton (CAP 2-7-2) For This 100 Vietnamese Dong Graphic

CAP Encounter Near My Lai
: In 1989, former TIME magazine Vietnam correspondent Robert Sam Anson published a book, War News, (Simon and Schuster, 317 pp) that refers to a brief encounter with a CAP platoon on Dec. 3, 1969. The news of the Americal Division's massacre in My Lai had just broken.

The March Of The Dead: By Col. Ed Danowitz, USMC (ret)  
CAP Prayer: Warren Smith sent this copy of the CAP Prayer
CAC Certificate: submitted by Tom Flynn

Ace of Spades 1/Ace of Spades 2: submitted by Richard Clark.

CAG Map, circa 1970 submitted by Fred Dorr.
Geneva Convention ID Card: submitted by Richard Clark
"A CAP Veteran's Wife": By Marsha Locke

"A Place Beyond The Tears"
By Walt Cronin, 1st. & 2nd. CAG Corpsman

Your eyes were filled with innocence,
Your hearts would know no fear;
You went as proud Americans,
To a place beyond the tears.

Welcome home, my brothers and sisters,
Your time has come to heal;
Though just nineteen and crucified,
By your government's need to kill.

Welcome home, my brother and sisters,
Whose hearts would know no fear;
Your country's faith and kindness,
Are the words you need to hear.

When you came trudging home again,
From that place beyond the tears;
The place you thought as home again, the place you held so dear,
Was divided from their own, my friend, and unable to see clear.

So welcome home, my brothers and sisters,
From that place beyond the tears;
And now that you are home again,
Please let your hearts be healed.

I ran across this going through my stuff. I think I got it in CAP school. I remember them teaching us that these orders were valid in 1759, and were still a good idea 200 years later.

Larry Konopka

4th. CAG Stationery Header: Submitted by: Albert "Doc" Murse
Song Ha: Just wanted to send you some pictures of Da Nang....Song Ha, 1997

The following graphics were submitted by Sandy Wardlaw

CAG Diploma
Draft Card

And last....but certainly not least, a task we all remember fondly....
Burning The Shitters
Burning The Shitters!

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