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Submitted by: Mike "Tiny" Readinger

After The Mine. This is the truck in which I "found" a mine. When I went back after Japan, I found that they had pulled it back to CAP HQ on China Beach. So I was able to get this shot. I don't think I ever look at this pic that I don't think of how damned lucky I was....sometimes I think I was only spared to tell this story.
Dennis Hammond & Friends. This is my very favorite of all...In the very front is Dennis Hammond. Directly behind him is myself, to the far left is Greg "Bac-Si" Gifford. to the far right is Pete Cruz. In the back, without a shirt, is Sgt. Palmer. The other two I can't remember, since they were newbies. I am almost positive that one of them was KIA in the reaction force. This pic was taken right before Christmas, '67, just preceding TET, '68.

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