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Papa 2/4
Phuoc My Hamlet
Quang Tri Province

Submitted by: John Whitfield

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Explosion of an artillery shell out of Dong Ha during an ambush.
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Taken during the ambush mentioned above. It wasn't much of an ambush, and the guys all wanted me to take pictures.

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The PF got up on one knee to pose for the picture. Guess that proves it wasn't much of an ambush.

Does anyone recognize the Marine?

19.jpg (34102 bytes)
This was one of the best fighting PFs we had. He was killed when he and another one of our best fighters (believe it to be the one in the background) went to a relatives funeral. The VC ambushed him, knowing he was going to go to it. I think this happened in June or July, 1967.

Tim, was this Le Van Thu?

No, that is not Le Van Thu. Le Van Thu is pictured to the left.


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