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Echo 2, 3 & 4
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Submitted by: Mike "Tiny" Readinger

This is me again helping out a local farmer. 'Tis not near as easy as it looks!
This is one of my favorite shots. It's during a break in one of our day patrols at one of our favorite families. I think the smiles pretty well convey the feelings.
This is a shot of the tower at Echo 2 during the monsoons, looking north.
On the right is our "mystery CAP'er from the Hotel that go over-run. On the left is Don Talbot, the one that escaped from the NVA. In the back is "Candyman", did three tours and rotated home right before TET 68. He could speak Vietnamese better than the locals. I believe his first name was Dick/Richard, but we always called him "Candyman".
This is another one of the pics that I took way before TET of '68, and I don't know why. It is a shot looking east toward Echo 4. The old muddy road that you see is the "old road" I refer to on the map. If I would have panned just a few feet to the right, you would be able to see the tree line where the reaction forces last position was. This is also the road where I "found" the mine

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