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The following are links to stories and pictures from the CAC News, April 5, 1967. This copy, in mint condition, was sent to the CAP Web Site by Ray Borowski, CAC Papa 2/4, 1967:

Sgt. Brown (A-3 & CAC School) / Hidden Round (E-2) / River Crossing (D-4) / Fishing Net (CAC-8) / School Time (CAC-D6) / Ha Chu Village (Unknown) / LtCol W.R. Corson 1 / LtCol W.R. Corson 2 / Van Tuong (CAC Ambushed) / Thuy Phuong (CAC-6) / Phouc Thien Village , (CAC T-4)/ Arrow Strikes Marine Guard / Navy Doc Real "Country Doc" / Fort Page, 2nd. of a Series / Mr. Flynn Sergeant

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CAP Origins

  • Interview: I had a telephone interview with Maj. Cullen Zimmerman regarding the selection of the first CAC Marines sent out with Lt. Paul Ek.

Tim Duffie
CAP Web Site

Alpha CAPS

For an additional history of the initial CAP venture ultimately known as CAP Alpha, go to

Alpha 1

Alpha 2

Alpha 2 graphics submitted by Jim "Tex" Lyles, CAC Alpha 2, 1967-68:

Alpha 3

Semper Fi!
Stephen C Salisbury
USMC 1871996

Pictures of the first group of Marines to go out into the village. Ultimately they moved into Loc Bon, setting up one of the first CAC Units in a Vietnamese village.

"Doc" Church also sent these pictures of the Marines who were with him at Alpha 3 in October, 1965.....

Bill Nimmo writes about the 29Nov65 ambush at Alpha 3: Alpha 3

The following graphics of Alpha 3 were submitted by Dave Church:

The following graphic was submitted by Michael Letson, Alpha 3, 1966: Alpha 3


Sea Tiger article submitted by John Shylo:

Mike Majesky, (CAC 3, 1965) will be sending a series of pictures from one of the earliest CAC Units in the village of Ap Phu Bai, 1965. The first two are posted as linked below. We look forward to the rest of them:

CAC 3 & CAC 4 graphics, ca 1965, thanks to Lt. Richard Cavagnol, a forward observer with India 3/12 attached to 3/4 and supporting the CAC units at Phu Bai 3 and Phu Bai 4.


In the early stages of the CAP program the units were designated as "CAC" (Combined Action Company). We have explained the reasons for the change to CAP elsewhere on the Web Site. The following graphics were submitted to the Web Site by Richard Cavagnol, a Forward Observer who worked with one of the original units, CAC 4, in late 1965.

CAC 4 Graphics

Alpha 6 & 9 (AKA CAC 7)

I was a member of CAC Alpha 6&9 on September 11, 1967. Since I have retired I have had time to re open the past when I served in Viet Nam. I have not found any thing to mention the day our out post was over run back in Sep. 11, 1967. In going through all the letters I sent my wife, I found a copy of the hand out for the Memorial service honoring the men we lost that day.

If you know of any web sights that might have more information about that day could you send them to me?

Thank you,
Edward V. Mowles, USMC 1966- 1968
Go to: Alpha 6 & 9 Memorial

The following story was submitted by John Cooney. It refers to CAC 7 which ultimately became Alpha 6 & 9.

Alpha 7

Art "Butch" Cochran submitted some graphics of CAC Alpha 7. Pages 1 & 2 are of a variety of pamphlets and propaganda Butch found in and around Hue in 1968. Also, we have included a Christmas card from the 3rd. Marine Division.
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

Bravo CAPS

Bravo 1:

Bravo 3:

Bravo 4:

Charlie CAPS

Background on "Charlie" CAPs, submitted by David Vinyard: Charlie CAPs

Charlie 3:


I just read David Vinyard's report of Charlie I being over run. I was at Charlie 3 when that happened. Jerry Troech was a good friend. We went there the next day to help them clean up. Jerry told me that he popped the claymore on the PFs as they were running out the front gate. We had the same problem at C-3. Our PFs were our sounding board. If they refused to go out with us we knew things were going to happen. I left Charlie 3 May 1968. I arrived there in June of 1967. It was designated CAC Bravo 2-1 then. It had just been over run with high casualties.

This is a great web site. I just this week received an e-mail from a friend who had served with me at Charlie 3. I had not heard from him since 1968!

Thanks to you and this site we have reconnected!

Take care and keep up the good work.
Mark Brady

I would like to add CAP Charlie 3 to the caps involved in fighting during TET. We had run a long range recon patrol on February 5th based on local reports. We found a large tunnel complex in a deserted hamlet down by the river. There were obvious signs that this complex was in current use. We returned to our CAP and radioed L 3/7 of our findings. The next day February 6, 1968 L 3/7 sent a full squad out to investigate our report. When the squad entered the tree line near the hamlet they were ambushed. They radioed us that their point man was down and that they were surrounded by NVA. All of us except three saddled up and headed out to help. When we were about half way there we received a call from battalion. Battalion viewed this ambush as a trap. The message stated that we should halt and wait for more help. Soon we were joined by all of Lima Company with amtracts & tanks. Then gun ships and jets appeared. The battle raged all after noon until dark. One of our CAP Marines, Ed Bickert received the Silver Star for that battle. It turned hand to hand and Ed took out several. I asked him after the fight how he was. He told me “Brady it was like street fighting in Philadelphia. I loved it!” Some of the CAP members who participated in that fight were Lee Alias, Dane Sawmiller, Ed Bickert and Mark Brady. Our little patrol and L 3/7s investigation probably spoiled a major attack on Hill 55 or Hill 3/7.

Mark Brady

Delta CAPS

Delta CACO

Delta 1

Delta 4

Delta 5

The following Delta 5 graphics were submitted by Chuck Ramsey, Delta 5. They include Pfc. Glessing, KIA.

Delta 6

  • CAP Delta 6 Graphics: Submitted by Chuck Ramsey
  • Communications: Submitted by Ted Zoutis, CAP Delta 6

    Echo CAPS

    Echo 2

    This page contains exerpts from the August 25, 1967 edition of Life Magazine article titled, To Keep A Village Free. Due to one rather large graphic, the load time is longer than I normally like for a single page. However, from a purely historical perspective, the graphic may well be worth the wait.

    NOTE: this is not the same "Echo 2" found later in references to the Marines who were with the Reaction Force in our "Echo 4" story. Unit designations were changed at some later date.

    These graphics were submitted by Gary Smith: Echo 2 Graphics

    Echo 4

    An account of a 1968 TET Offensive siege of Echo 4, and the brave efforts of a Reaction Force to assist them. The story was written by Mike "Tiny" Readinger, one of the CAP Marines who went to retrieve the Reaction Force the following day. An exerpt from the story is included below.

    I was eventually knocked out. When I came to, it was dark and the NVA were walking all over the area. Anytime they came close to me, I played dead. They searched and kicked me several times that night. At one point, early this morning, I thought they had left. I raised my head to look. There was a lone NVA radioman not more than ten feet away, looking directly at me. He motioned with his hand for me to lay back down. I'll never forget that. Soon after that, he and the others left the area.

    Echo 2, 3 & 4

    Echo 2, 3 and 4 graphics submitted by: Mike "Tiny" Readinger

    Foxtrot CAPS

    1967 CAC Foxtrot Yearbook, Submitted by Joe Hiers: 1967 CAC Foxtrot Year Book

    Foxtrot 5 Graphics by Bill Baudreau:

    Golf CAPS

    1967 CAC Golf Yearbook, Submitted by Joe Hiers: 1967 CAC Golf Year Book

    Golf 5 & 6

    Golf 5 & 6 graphics from the summer of 1967, submitted by David Berdahl:

    Hotel CAPS

    Hotel 1

    Hotel 2

    Hotel 6

    Hotel 7

    India CAPS

    India 2
    India 2, Page 1 India 2, Page 2 India 2, Page 3 India 2, Page 4
    India 2, Page 5 India 2, Page 6 India 2, Page 7 India 2, Page 8

    Kilo 1/Kilo 1-4
    Quang Tin Province
    Ky Khuong Village


    Lima 6/Lima 11/CAP 1-3-6


    I think I need to try again to explain about the unit designation from the beginning.

    When the 2nd. Bn, 7th. Marines started its Civic Action Program in 1965 or 1966, they had two:

    • Lima 1-1
    • Lima 1-3

    In March 67 they were redesignated Combined Action Company Lima 11 and Lima 13. Thkey stayed like that until August 15, 1967, at which time they became CAPs:

    • Lima 1-1 was Lima 6
    • Lima 1-3 became Lima 7.
    In 1968 they changed again:
    • Lima 6 TO CAP 1-3-6
    • Lima 7 TO CAP 1-3-7
    And that's the numerical history of 2/7's first Civic Action Programs transformed into two great little units.

    Gary S. Wavrecan
    CAC to CAP Feb66 TO Nov67

    November CAPS

    November 1

    November 2 & 3

    November 2 & 3 graphics submitted by Dan Abbott:

    November 3

    Papa CAPS

    Papa School, 1967

    These graphics of CAC School, Phu Bai, February, 1967, were submitted by Ray Borowski, CAC Papa 2/4. While we were able to identify several people as being the original Papa 2/4 crew, there are a few we can't ID. Most, if not all, of these people went on to start Papa 1 and Papa 3 CACs....the first CAC units in Quang Tri Province.

    Papa 2/4

    This series of graphics was submitted by Ray Borowski. They consist of the earliest days in Papa 2/4. Included is one irreplaceable picture of Ray with the PF who saved his life: Ha Si Nam.

    These Papa 2/4 graphics were submitted by Tim "CAPVet" Duffie (1967):

    The following Papa 2/4 graphics were submitted by Larry Scroggs (1967):

    The following Papa 2/4 graphics were submitted by Kevin Macdonald (1967):

    The following Papa 2/4 graphics were submitted by Keith Caywood (1967):

    The best collection of Papa 2/4 graphics we have was submitted by John Whitfield:

    I have lost the descriptions for these miscellaneous Papa 2/4 graphics. If anyone can help, please drop me a note:

    Papa 2 Language School, 4th CAG, 1968, submitted by Michael Robert Shove, Jr.

    Papa 3

    CAC Papa 3 Graphics Submitted by: Roger Ford

    CAC Papa 3 Graphics Submitted by: Tom Elliott

    Edward F. Palm & Tom Flynn, CAC Papa 3, 1967:

    Papa 3 graphics submitted by Edward Palm, CAC Papa 3, 1967:

    I have lost the descriptions for these miscellaneous Papa 3 graphics. If anyone can help, please drop me a note:

    Papa 5

    Papa 5 Graphics Submitted by Bill Lefevre, CAC Papa 5


    I was just surfing the website here and discovered the emails from Ed and I guess you or Tom concerning the over run at Pappa 3, Aug. 14, 1967. It was mentioned by someone in the conversation the Capt. was the "Boy Wonder" and never went but on maybe one patrol. I agree. But, the Gunny (Kalini), on the other hand, was a very brave soul.

    I was transferred to Pappa 5 from Pappa 3 just before the seige at Pappa 5 which was about two weeks before Tet, Feb. 2, 1968, at Cam Lo. We were in a pretty hopeless situation on watch 24/7 and no food or water for the first 3 or 4 days (we had to hold the village chief hostage to get food from the villagers). We were surrounded by some three Regiments of NVA, held up in the old French Fort (three foot high of sandbags was our defense line/we had destroyed our compound) and waiting to be evacuated by chopper - which never came.

    After about four days, lo and behold here comes the Gunny walking down this trail to our rescue, or at least that's what it seemed like since we could have been snuffed in seconds had the VC wanted to do so. It took a lot of guts for the Gunny to come down there under those conditions. He came down there when he could have been easily taken down prior to getting to us.

    I'm here to tell you the Gunny was all Marine and those of us who were at Pappa 5 at that time will so state. Later, at Cam Lo Tet, I'm told he was nothing less and certainly more. You can verify this account from Bill Lefevre, Tom Morton and Jerry Goller. The Gunny was my hero.

    Semper Fi,
    Ron Parks

    Sierra CAPS

    Sierra 3 Sierra 3 graphics and stories submitted by Gary Fish and Ron Heath:

    Fort Page

    Ky Hoa Hamlet

    1st. CAG

    1968 1st. CAG Organizational Chart: submitted by Gary "Snake" Wavrecan. These graphics are too large to place on a Web Page, so I have provided links to the graphics:
    This collage of 1st. CAG HQ pictures from mid-67 to late-68 was sent in by Dave Rivenes.

    These graphics of the 1st. CAG Yearbook, 1970, were submitted by Ed Nichols:
    1st. CAG HQ: 1970 Chu Lai Map: 1970 CAP 1-1-1: 1970 CAP 1-1-2: 1970 CAP 1-2-1: 1970
    CAP 1-2-2: 1970 CAP 1-2-2, Page 2 CAP 1-2-3: 1970 CAP 1-2-5: 1970 CAP 1-2-7: 1970
    CAP 1-4-1: 1970 CAP 1-4-2: 1970 CAP 1-4-3: 1970 CAP 1-4-4: 1970 CAP 1-4-6: 1970

    CAP 1-1-1

    CAP 1-1-2

    CAP 1-1-3

    CAP 1-1-4

    CAP 1-1-6

    CAP 1-1-7

    CAP 1-2-1

    CAP 1-2-2

    CAP 1-2-3

    CAP 1-2-4

    CAP 1-2-5

    CAP 1-2-7

    CACO 1-3

    CAP 1-3-1

    CAP 1-3-2

    CAP 1-3-3

    CAP 1-3-4

    CAP 1-3-5

    CAP 1-3-5 Graphics submitted by Allen Sells:

    CAP 1-3-5 Graphics submitted by Mike Florentino:

    CAP 1-3-5 Graphics submitted by Perry Melvin:

    CAP 1-3-6

    CAP 1-3-7

    CAP 1-3-8

    CAP 1-3-9

    CAP 1-4-1

    CAP 1-4-2

    CAP 1-4-3

    CAP 1-4-4

    CAP 1-4-5

    Dennis Bruley sent a series of pictures from CAP 1-4-5, 1969. He doesn't remember any names, but we'll add any that the others can identify:

    CAP 1-4-6

    CAP 1-4-7

    2nd. CAG

    2nd. CAG Sickbay, circa 1969, submitted by Tom Williams:

    2nd. CAG Headquarters: " have several pictures on your web page showing it after it was restored, but this is what it looked like the day we arrived." (Steve Clark)

    CAP (2nd. CAG) Language School

    2nd CAG Language School Graphics: Submitted by Alan Segal

    CAP 2-1-3

    CAP 2-1-4

    CAP 2-2-2

    CAP 2-2-3

    CAP 2-2-4

    CAP 2-3-1

    CAP 2-3-2

    We posted two (2) pages of graphics from Frank Weber, CAP 2-3-2. These are the first items we've received regarding that unit......

    Thanks, Frank!!

    CAP 2-3-3

    Ed Grensky, CAP 2-3-3, is looking for the Corpsman who saved his life. Graphic and notes at:

    CAP 2-3-4

    CAP 2-3-5

    Two pages of graphics from Jeff Von Spreckelson, CAP 2-3-5.

    Go to:

    CAP 2-3-6

    CAP 2-3-7

    This graphic was submitted by Tom Robertson, CAP 2-3-7, 1971:

    CAP 2-4-1

    A Mother's Letter: a letter from the mother of James Giegel, KIA, CAP 2-4-1, to Sandy Wardlaw: Jim "Wags" Wagner sent this roster and brief history of CAP 2-4-1:

    CAP 2-4-2

    CAP 2-4-3

    CAP 2-4-4

    CAP 2-4-5 CAP 2-4-5 Graphics submitted by Sandy Wardlaw:

    CAP 2-5-1

    Graphics submitted by Ron Stone, CAP 2-5-1:

    CAP 2-7-1

    CACO 2-7 Support

    This picture was submitted by Merle R. Hollon, CAP 2-7-1 assigned to an Army MAT Team, Tan Quit Bridge. His team provided support for the CACO 2-7 CAPS.

    CAP 2-7-3

    CAP 2-7-4

    CAP 2-7-5

    CAP 2-7-6

    CAP 2-7-7

    CAP 2-7-10

    CAP 2-8-1

    CAP 2-9-2

    3rd. CAG


    CAP 3-2-1 HQ was located on Hgwy 1 at Cau Hai. The HQ was just north of the river Song Rui on a slight knoll. Our primary ville was Cau Hai, but we also were in Gia Long and Dong Lu'u towards the Bay of Cau Hai, also to the South of Cau Hai in the ville of Phuoc Thuong, just below the firebase of "Roy" or "Tommyhawk" (101st, I believe, can't remember which was which).

    3-2-5 was futher South on the Hwy 1 at Thuy Troy, I think.

    I still have my original handy "Pocket Road Atlas" AO map neatly encased in that great protective plastic. I've sent copies of it to "Flat Fingers" Ray Rassmusen, to help him with a project.

    I'd be pleased to entrust it to you if you think it would be of help to our Web Sit at all. I would only ask for it's return once you were through with it. Pls let me know.

    Thanks for your Great Work and Efforts,

    Semper Fi,
    George Clancy

    3rd. CAG HQ graphics submitted by Dr. Larry Bear: 3rd. CAG HQ

    The following set of graphics were taken by Tim "CAPVet" Duffie during his brief time with 3rd. CAG supply, summer, 1967. Most were taken at random while running supply, north one day, then south the next.

    Misc. 3rd. CAG Graphics:

    CAC 3-1

    CAP 3-1-2

    Dear Tim,

    I am sending a copy of a certificate that was given to our unit 3-1-2 as we were being deactivated and sent south to 2nd C.A.G. They also (the villagers) threw a party for us.

    I wish all CAP members could have been thanked as we were. And, I feel that each and every one should have been given a citation to hang on the wall. I think this belongs to all CAP members.

    Anthony Baltzell, CAP 3-1-2

    CAP 3-2-2

    CAP 3-2-4

    CAP 3-3-3

    CAP 3-3-5

    CAP 3-4-5

    Randy "Doc" Newman sent these graphics of CAP 3-4-5

    CAP 3-5

    Luis Parker, CAP 3-5, sent three of himself, and two of unidentified Marines and/or Corpsmen from 3rd. CAG. If anyone can identify them, please drop me a note.

    CAP 3-5-1

    David Kirk sent this picture of CAP 3-5-1, 1969-70:

    CAP 3-5-2

    On July 12, 1970, Ron Williams saved Jerry Brown's life. Jerry would very much like to find Ron if possible:

    4th. CAG

    Gary Nichols sent this graphic of an unidentified 4th. CAG Unit. He hopes someone will help him ID the unit and some of the guys.

    CAP 4-1-1

    Tim, Here is some more of the information I promised concerning some of the CAPs in 4th CAG. In September 1969, I was assigned to CAP 4-1-1; location 3 miles SW of Quang Tri on route 556 in the village of Nhu Le. We also operated in the neighboring village of Lang Tich. I served there until early January 1970, when I was sent 2 miles east to the village of La Vang Chinh. We also served in Phulong both predominantly Catholic areas. There was a very large French-built Catholic church in La Vang Chinh.We had 2 platoons of PF's working also in that area. One platoon was very independent and somewhat hostile to us Americans. In March 1970, things reached a boiling point so that 4th CAG HQ had to intervene. They pulled us out of that area and brought in CAP 4-1-3. Our CAP designations were swapped: we became 4-1-3 and they became 4-1-2. We were moved almost 5 miles NW of Quang Tri to the hamlet of Thon Vinh Phuoc, on the banks of the Thach Han river. We stayed there until June 9, 1970. We were re-located 2 miles NW of Dong Ha to the hamlets of An Binh and An Xuan. South of us 1 mile I believe, was CAP 4-1-5 at Thon Nghia An. To the east of us was 4-1-4 in the village of Kim Dau and the village of Phi Thua.

    I am now living in Edmond (suburb of Oklahoma City), about 3 hours from Grove. I can send a few more pictures and a little more information on the history of 4-1-1 and 4-1-3 if you like.

    George "Doc" McGuire

    George "Doc" McGuire sent some CAP 4-1-1 & CAP 4-1-3 Graphics:

    CAP 4-1-2

    Dale Glasscock, CAP 4-1-2, CACO 2-3, sent some "4th. CAG" graphics, primarily CAP 4-1-2 & 4-1-3.

    CAP 4-1-3

    George "Doc" McGuire sent some CAP 4-1-1 & CAP 4-1-3 Graphics:

    CAP 4-3-1

    CAP 4-3-4

    I have been corresponding with Albert Murse and I have finally realized that some time in early 70 4-3-4 was moved from Ngo Xa Tay to the village of An Phu. That is why all the pics looked strange to me. Here are the original members of 4-3-4.

    • Sgt. Westmoreland
    • Cpl “Bug” Colins
    • Ben Mascarenas
    • Larry Burch
    • Dale Whittingham
    • David Marty
    • Doc Provience
    • Pat McKay
    • Chabre
    We had a great record of kills and captures and until early 69 there were no friendly causalities. The PF’s were wonderful, they wouldn’t let a Marine walk point, and they found many boobie traps. Ben was there until early 70 and he says 4-3-4 was still in Ngo Xa Tay when he left. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    Larry Burch

    CUPP Alpha 6

    CUPP Charlie 2

    Charlie CUPP 2 Graphics from Tim Akers:

    CUPP Kilo 3/26

    Mobil Training Teams (MTT)

    • MTT-2, Submitted by J.D. Curry

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